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01. Confirming a Departure

Our advise:

24 hours before your trip, contact the port office of the ferry company you are travelling with. Contact details for the port offices are provided in the confirmation of your booking. Reconfirm the departure time is the same as indicated on your tickets or your booking confirmation email. Make sure the weather conditions are suitable and that your ferry will depart as scheduled. Also reconfirm if you will be travelling with the ferry indicated in your reservation documents, as the ferry company retains the right to replace it by another in case of an emergency eg mechanical problems.

02. Boarding the ferry

We advise arriving at the port 2 hours in advance for international route departures and 1 hour in advance for domestic route departures. If you arrive too late, you may not be allowed to board. Keep in mind that, especially during high season when a lot of people are travelling and there is heavy traffic on the main roads, the sooner you aim to arrive at the port the better. Ferries today carry between 500-1500 passengers and 50 -120 trucks depending on the route and vessel. Groups are advised to arrive even earlier at the port (3 hours before departure).

03. Loss of ticket

If you lose your ticket, please contact us as soon as possible! If the ticket was lost at the port during the embarkation procedure, contact the port office of the ferry company straight away.

In some cases, a ticket can be re-issued, in other it cannot. It all depends on the ferry company’s policy. If a ticket cannot be re-issued, you will have to purchase a new ticket. If the lost ticket is not found by the end of the year, the ferry company will offer you an open ticket of the same value for a future trip.

04. Travelling with a pet

We should clarify that ferry companies allow cats and dogs on board. To travel with you, your pet must have a valid pet passport.

There are special areas on board the ferry (kennels) where your pet can remain throughout the duration of the trip. Some ferries may also provide a limited number of cabins where you can take your pet with you. In this case an additional surcharge to the cabin cost applies.

05. Access to the garage

Access to the ferry’s garage is not allowed during the trip for safety reasons. Once you park your vehicle in the garage, make sure you take all necessary items (medicine, clothes etc) with you as you will not be allowed to visit your vehicle after the departure.

06. Loss of ID/Passport

Without a valid ID or passport you will not be allowed to travel. Especially now that electronic tickets will be introduced. In this case you will miss your departure but you do not necessarily have to lose the money you paid for your tickets. You can contact the port office to explain the reason you were refunded boarding and make your tickets open to travel at a later date. Refunds are not possible on the day of departure.


Having analyzed the changes and recent developments for 2018 in Greek shipping, Greekferries Club would like to inform its respectable Members and Clients about the following:


The Company Minoan Lines S.A. announces that today, 26/10/2017, a framework agreement with ATTICA Holdings S.A. was executed in principle, in order to proceed with the transfer of all the shares it currently holds at the company HELLENIC SEAWAYS S.A. (HSW) as well as to the sale of 2 vessels.

More specifically, this framework agreement includes the following individual and interrelated (en bloc) transactions:

  • The sale from Minoan Lines SA to ATTICA Holdings SA of 37,667,504 shares of HELLENIC SEAWAYS S.A.
  • The purchase by a company owned by the Grimaldi Group, the main shareholder of Minoan Lines SA, of the vessel "SUPERFAST XII" that is owned by ATTICA FERRIES MARITIME COMPANY.
  • The purchase by Minoan Lines SA of the vessel “HIGHSPEED 7”, that is owned by HELLENIC SEAWAYS S.A.

The implementation of the agreement is, inter alia, conditional on the approval of the Hellenic Competition Commission and on securing the necessary corporate and other approvals. The aforementioned transactions will be completed upon the acquisition of control of HSW by ATTICA Holdings S.A., for which the latter has submitted a notice to the Hellenic Competition Commission on the grounds of another transaction, which is currently being examined.


If and once the Hellenic Competition Commission has approved the agreement (to be decided in February 2018) for the sale of the maritime company HSW and the two vessels Superfast XII and Highspeed 7, major changes are to be expected in relation to schedules and sailings for certain Aegean routes and perhaps some international sailings also.

First of all, the vessel Superfast XII which currently serves the route Piraeus-Rhodes will have to be replaced by another HSW vessel. At the same time Highspeed 7 having passed over to Minoan Lines, will also be missing from the HSW fleet. Another significant development is that the currently competitive ferries of Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways operating the routes Piraeus-Paros-Naxos-Santorini and Piraeus-Chios-Mytilene, will no longer be competitive as both will belong to Attica Holdings S.A


The ferry companies in the current state, have started ticket sales, reservations and early booking offers for 2018. The worst scenario for passengers that purchase their tickets now in order to take advantage of the early booking discounts, would be for them to receive a notification later on that their vessel would depart 1-2 hours earlier or later, or that they would be travelling with a different ferry boat of the same company.

We are prepared:

Our company Greekferries Club with 306.000 Members and Clients has taken all necessary measures and is ready to deal with this new situation. All our Members and Clients that booking through our websites will be informed FREE OF CHARGE and AUTOMATICALLY via SMS and Email regarding any changes affecting their trip. We have developed and implemented a specific software in our booking system for this purpose.

Always at your service,

Greekferries Club