Cost of Ferry tickets

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01. Ticket value

The price indicated on your ferry ticket is the FINAL SET TICKET PRICE. The ticket price is the SAME regardless of the vendor –your ticket costs the same even when purchasing it from the ferry company or a travel agency- and your location.

Whether you purchase your ticket in Greece, another European country or even outside Europe, the cost of your ticket is exactly the same.

This price may include discounts you are entitled to, but these discounts and offers are also predefined and apply to everyone that meets the specific criteria, regardless of where they book their tickets from.

The value of your ticket is directly connected to the pricing policy of the ferry company. Prices are relevant to the route, accommodation category and seasonality (low, mid and high season).

Return trip tickets usually include a discount on the inbound ticket. Ferry companies who do not offer return trip discounts only have one price per category per season in their pricelist.

02. Ticket Delivery Cost

By Express Registered Mail*:
Within Greece €10 5 - 8 working days
Europe €17 10 - 14 working days
Non-European countries €25 15 - 20 working days
* We are not liable for any mistakes or delays by the postal services.
By Courier:
Within Greece €17 1 - 2 working days
Europe €25 2 - 3 working days
Non-European countries €32 3 - 4 working days

03. Additional Charges

For reservations to the Greek islands, the following additional charges apply:

Greek island reservations
with total ticket cost
Greekferries Club – Service Fee
Non-Members Members -50%
Up to 50 € 5 € 2.5 €
From 51 € 10 € 5 €

The Service Fee is charged once for all domestic reservations you make through our websites within 24h. Any additional service fees charged within this time period will be refunded to your credit card immediately.

For payments carried out via bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Card a 1,2% transaction fee is applied to the total cost.


You are only requested to pay the ticket value as shown in our offer and on your ticket/s and which will include any discount and/or offer you are entitled to and is valid at the time of booking.

Only for international route reservation with Anek-Superfast Ferries

The unfavorable economic situation in Greece has dramatically affected maritime transports. Some Greek ferry companies have been forced, as they claim, to make joint ventures and cut costs in order to survive, starting with the reduction of their commissions towards partner agencies.

The joint venture of Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries has dramatically reduced the profit rate of our cooperation in the last 3 years. In January 2012 we accepted a reduction of 30%. A year and a half later, in May 2014, our commission was reduced yet again, this time by another 23%!

They continue this policy to this day employing new methods for cost reduction, such as the addition of fuel surcharges regardless of the decrease in oil prices, for the sole purpose of minimizing their partners’ earnings. This surcharge is collected by the partner agencies, but not only is no commission is earned, we are also burdened with the credit card commissions that arise from these amounts and have to pay for them out of our own ‘pockets’.

Our company Greekferries Club SA, is admittedly one of the biggest partners of Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries. Unfortunately the extreme reduction of commissions imposed on us no longer covers the expenses and salaries of our qualified employees, responsible for the sales and promotion of this joint collaboration.

In order to continue providing the current level of reliable services to our trusting and demanding customers as well as the 300,000 Greekferries Club members in 7 different languages, we are forced to apply a service fee to sales with the above mentioned companies. (For reservations with other companies where our commission has not been reduced, no service fees apply).

Our charges are as follows:

Reservations with
a total cost of
Greekferries Club - Bonus per Mile
Non-Members Members up to -50%
Up to 150 € 10 € 5 €
151 € - 500 € 15 € 7.5 €
Over 501 € 20 € 15 €

If you are not a member of the ‘Bonus per Μile’ Program, join today! No expenses, fees or obligations! To register, visit!

For payments carried out via bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Card a 1,2% transaction fee is applied to the total cost.