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01. Can I book my ticket now and pay at the port on the day of departure?

Unfortunately, not. In order to finalize a reservation through our online booking system or with the assistance of our staff, full payment is required before a reservation code is issued.

02. How can I pay for my reservation?

For online reservations

a. With your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). In the final step of the booking procedure, you are required to fill in your credit card details. These are transmitted over a secure server directly to our partner bank Eurobank for the charge, without any interference from our end. Your credit card is charged and your ferry reservation is completed.

b. You can also select to pay by bank transfer instead of credit card. Please note, that in this case your reservation will not be complete online. The travel details you have entered will be sent to us as a ‘reservation request’ and one of our associates will contact you with a detailed offer for your trip as well as our bank account details for the payment. If our associate deems that there is not enough time for a bank transfer (due to a short deadline given by the booking system) you may be asked to provide a credit card instead.

Reservations made by phone

You can call us to request an offer for your ferry trip. Our offer will include a deadline (option date) by which you are required to pay for your booking if you wish to confirm. Payment can be made either in cash if you can come to our offices in person, by credit card or by bank transfer (time permitting). Once payment has been received and according to your instructions we will arrange for you to collect your tickets from the port office or send them by registered mail or courier. Reservations over the phone are much easier if you are a Greekferries Club member and your details are already known to us.

03. Can I request a receipt or invoice for my ticket/s?

The actual ticket stub remaining in your hands is the legal receipt (passenger name and ticket value are mentioned on the ticket stub). Once your reservation is complete, you can always use the MY RESERVATION tool from all our websites to access your reservation details using your email address and your reservation code.

If you require an invoice, you must inform us when making your reservation. Either inform the associate helping you with your booking, or state this in the ‘additional info’ box when booking online. Invoices cannot be issued at a later date.