Making a Reservation

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01. How to make a reservation

We offer three ways for you to secure your places on board and finalize your ferry reservation with us.

  • a) ΟΝLINE. By visiting one of our websites:
    On the homepage of each website you will find a search form for passengers and vehicles. Simply enter the details your trip (dates, routes, if you are travelling one way or return etc) and in 3 simple steps you can finalize your ferry booking.
  • b) ΕΜΑΙL. Contact
    If you want to avoid booking and paying online, if you prefer dealing with a real person to explain the particularities of your reservation, then send us your travel details by email. 30 associates, speaking and writing in 7 different languages (mother tongue level) are at your disposal.
  • c) BY PHONE. Call 0030 2810 529.000 (60 lines).
    You can call us regarding any reservation or information you need. To finalize a ferry reservation, we will have to send you a written offer (fax or email). The process becomes easier if you are a Greekferries Club member and can quote your Bonus per Mile card number to our associate.
  • 02. Ticket collection

    The ferry ticket is a legal document/ receipt proving you have paid for a certain service.

    You may choose:
    a) to have the ticket/s sent to you by registered mail or courier.
    b) to collect the ticket/s from the port office (check-in) in the day
        of departure.

    If we send the tickets to you, there is an additional cost which we describe in detail under the section ‘Cost of Ferry Tickets’. If you prefer collecting the tickets from the port office on the day of departure, this service is free for all international routes. You simply collect them with your reservation code and proof of identification (ID card or passport) from the check-in desk.

    NOTE collection fees apply for the domestic route tickets. Our system informs you of any such charges before the payment step.