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Skopelos Ferries Sporades Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Skopelos in the Sporades Travel Information for ferries to Skopelos. Island of Skopelos Sporades.



Churches in the town

Churches Skopelos Sporades Greek Islands Greece

The church of the Virgin Mary of Papameletiou is built on an abrupt rock and dates back to the 17th century. On the northern side of the church the chapel of Agioi Anargyroi is attached. Within the church there are pictures of the 17th, 18th and 19th century.

The church of Agios Nikolaos is built on the site of an older temple and has maintained its carved wooden temple. There are also pictures that date back to 17th, 18th, and the 19th century.

The church of Agios Athanassios of Athos or Enathonas is a building of 9th century, built on the ruins of an early Christian chapel located within the Castle of Hora, at the ruins of the Venetian fortress. The church of Agios Mihail Synnadon is located close to the Emporiki Bank. It is a stone church with a decorated tiled roof. There are 24 pictures of the 17th and 18th centuries and there is a decorated column arch to the high altar. The Church of Christ is the Cathedral and has a carved wooden chancel screen of unique art and value with the forms of the prophets and Apostles gilded in 1762. Finally, in the courtyard are the graves of past bishops.

The church of Agios Dimitrios is a small chapel with murals dating back to the 17th century. The church of Agios Georgios of Kyratsos has gravel laid flooring, its carved wood chancel screen with the 12 Apostles and icons that date back to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

The Basilica of the Apostles is above the Town Hall and was built in Bishop’s Anastasios years. Other appreciable churches are the church of Faneromeni opposite the Folklore Museum, the church of Panagia of Eleftherotria, the church of Agios Nikolaos of Kipoi and the church of Panagia.

Agios Ioannis, Kastri

Agios Ioannis Church Skopelos Sporades Greek Islands Greece

The chapel of Agios Ioannis is on the top of a sea rock at a height of 100 m from the sea level. There is no record of when it was actually built. Local history says that a resident saw a glow on the top of the rock one evening, at first he did not give particular significance to this, but it was repeated many times and then in a dream he saw a woman who told him to go to the top of the rock with the other residents and search for an icon, which should be there. The next day the whole community was gathered and was told what had happened. Afterwards, they all began to carve steps into the rock so as to reach to the top. Once they reached the top they found Agios Ioannis’ icon, and transported it to a nearby chapel.

Next day they discovered that the icon was not in the church, but back where it had originally been found. They decided to build a chapel on the site to house the icon because they believed that the saint wished it to be there. There are 105 steps carved into the rock leading to the chapel.

The Abbey of Timios Prodromos, Hora

The Abbey of the Honest Precursor Skopelos Sporades Greek Islands Greece

The Abbey of Timios Prodromos is found next to the monastery of Agia Barbara and close to Hora. It is one of the least inhabited monasteries of the island and the nuns that remain are always willing to guide visitors around the Abbey. The Abbey was rebuilt in 1721 by Abbot Filareto. Of big interest are the paintings dating back to 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, gilded carved wooden chancel screen with a rich décor of birds, animals and plants and a mural that is in the high altar that has as its theme the foundation of the abbey.

Cathedral, Hora

Cathedral Skopelos Sporades Greek Islands Greece

The church of Episkopi is 10 minutes far from Hora. It is a basilica of the 17th century that was built upon an early Christian chapel, which was built upon an ancient temple, which was built on an ancient sunctuary. The Venetian building was destined to be the Bishop’s headquarters but was never completed because of the raids of pirate Barbarossa.

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