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Nisyros Ferries: Ferry and Ships to Nisyros Island - Greek Islands Dodecanese Greece

Ferries and Boats to Nisyros island Dodecanese greek islands Greece

Travel information for Ferries.
Ships and Ferries to Nisyros - Dodecanese Islands.

Nisyros and the Dodecanese in general are connected
to the port of Piraeus. From Nisyros you can also visit
the nearby Dodecanese islands, the Cycladic islands
and Crete through other ports.

Your trip to Nisyros can be with a conventional ferry
boat or Highspeed depending on the day, the time
and the ferry company you wish to travel with.

If you select to visit Nisyros with the conventional
ferry your trip will take about 7-10 hours while with
a Highspeed ferry 5.50-8.50 hours depending on
how many ports the ferry will call at on the way.

Ferries from Piraeus to Nisyros run all year round on
a daily basis. In summer of course there are more departures to choose from.

1. Piraeus - Patmos - Leros - Kasos - Kalymnos
Kos - Nisyros - Rhodes
2. Piraeus - Syros - Patmos - Leros - Kalymnos
Kasos - Nisyros - Rhodes
3. Piraeus - Syros - Mykonos - Patmos - Leros
Kalymnos - Kasos - Nisyros - Rhodes
4. Piraeus - Syros - Mykonos - Patmos - Leros
Nisyros - Rhodes
5. Nisyros - Kalymnos - Leros - Lipsi - Patmos
Arki - Agathonissi - Pythagorion (Samos)
6. Rhodes - Symi - Nisyros - Kalymnos - Leros

Attention !
The above mentioned information is subject to alteration. To be sure about correct schedules, departure and arrival times of conventional and highspeed ferries check the ONLINE Booking System.

Nisyros Ferries Dodecanese Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Nisyros in the Dodecanese
Travel Information for ferries to Nisyros. Island of Nisyros Dodecanese.

ON LINE Booking System for seats and tickets in real time.

Starting your reservation through the online booking system you can select to have your tickets
sent to you or to collect them from the port office on the day of departure about 2 hours
before departure simply by giving your reservation code and showing your ID card.

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Α multileg reservation allows you
to combine 2 to 4 domestic routes
(routes within Greece) in one reservation,
even if the selected departures are
operated by different ferry companies.

Travel Guide Nisyros Island Dodecanese Greece


Panagia Spiliani

Panagia Spiliani Nisyros Dodecanese Greek Islands Greece

Panagia Spiliani is the most important monastery on the island. It was named Spiliani (“spilia”=cave) because it is built inside a cave.

After ascending the 130 stairs starting from the settlement and passing the imposing entrance, we find ourselves inside the courtyard of Spiliani. There are cells, a library, a hostel, a foodhall, a study and a shop with ecclesiastic souvenirs. The sanctuary is built inside the cave’s cavity and includes the main temple of Assumption and the Agios Haralambos Chapel. The marble parts of the chancel screen are adorned with geometrical motifs and date from the 11th century. They are part of the temple’s older chancel screen which was supposedly transferred there from a nearby church. Today’s chancel screen, built in 1725, is wood-carven and is an adaptation of the old one.

Panagia Spiliani celebrates annually on 15th of August with a grand festival, the highlight of the year for Nisyros. Many significant ecclesiastical heirlooms from the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani are exhibited in the Ecclesiastical Museum of Nisyros.

Of all the icons in the chancel screen, the most impressive is the one of “Dexiokratousa Theotokos” (Mother of God, holding Christ in her right hand), with Christ as an infant giving his blessing. According to the inscription, the silver plating was made in 1798. It was recently discovered that the back side also bears an icon of the 14th century. It is a very rare representation of Saint Nicolas of remarkable artistry, according to Byzantinologist, Elias Kollias.

Panagia Kyra

Panagia Kyra Nisyros Dodecanese Greek Islands Greece

It is a monastery complex that was designated as an historical monument in 1951. According to tradition, it is connected to the monastery of Karpathos which bears the same name, Panagia Kyra of Karpathos and that justifies the fact that many locals still call it Karpathia. It is said that in the 16th century a small icon of the Holy Mary (Panagia) was sent from the monastery of Karpathos to Istanbul to be plated with silver. On the way back the ship sank and the icon was washed ashore on the coast of Nisyros. The woman who found it on her way to Emporeios saw a vision of the Holy Mary, who led her to dig in a spot near the monastery’s current location. When she did, she discovered the spring which exists to this day. Thus, the monastery was built by the inhabitants as a gesture of gratitude and devotion.

The monastery complex of Panagia Kyra has had many abbots and was renovated several times. It was given its current form in 1841. The temple is classified as a rectangular single-nave basilica. The complex includes the monks’ cells and various rooms which, along with the temple, form a lovely cloister. Covered with vineyards and adorned with arches and combinations of white and green, it is the ideal place for those seeking peace and quiet.

It is also the place of the grand festival of the 15th of August, at which food is served and festivities are held for two days.