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Kos Ferries: Ferry and Ships to Kos Island - Greek Islands Dodecanese Greece

Ferries and Boats to Kos island Dodecanese greek islands Greece

Travel information for Ferries.
Ships and Ferries to Kos - Dodecanese Islands.

Kos and the Dodecanese in general are connected
to the port of Piraeus. From Kos you can also visit
the nearby Dodecanese islands, the Cycladic islands
and Crete through other ports.

Your trip to Kos can be with a conventional ferry
boat or Highspeed depending on the day, the time
and the ferry company you wish to travel with.

If you select to visit Kos with the conventional ferry
your trip will take about 7-10 hours while with a
Highspeed ferry 5.50-8.50 hours depending on
how many ports the ferry will call at on the way.

Ferries from Piraeus to Kos run all year round on
a daily basis. In summer of course there are more departures to choose from.

1. Piraeus - Naxos - Patmos - Leros - Kos
2. Piraeus - Patmos - Leros - Kalymnos - Kos
3. Piraeus - Syros - Patmos - Leros - Kalymnos
Kos - Rhodes
4. Piraeus - Syros - Mykonos - Patmos - Leros
Kalymnos - Kos - Rhodes
5. Piraeus - Syros - Mykonos - Patmos - Leros
Kos - Kalymnos - Rhodes
6. Kos - Kalymnos - Leros - Lipsi - Patmos - Arki
Agathonissi - Pythagorion (Samos)
7. Rhodes - Symi - Kos - Kalymnos - Leros

Attention !
The above mentioned information is subject to alteration. To be sure about correct schedules, departure and arrival times of conventional and highspeed ferries check the ONLINE Booking System.

Kos Ferries Dodecanese Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Kos in the Dodecanese
Travel Information for ferries to Kos. Island of Kos Dodecanese.

ON LINE Booking System for seats and tickets in real time.

Starting your reservation through the online booking system you can select to have your tickets
sent to you or to collect them from the port office on the day of departure about 2 hours
before departure simply by giving your reservation code and showing your ID card.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

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Α multileg reservation allows you
to combine 2 to 4 domestic routes
(routes within Greece) in one reservation,
even if the selected departures are
operated by different ferry companies.

Travel Guide Kos Island Dodecanese Greece


Tigaki and Marmari are the first seaside villages you will meet when leaving the town of Kos. You will find several beaches with crystal blue waters and warm, white sand.

Passing Zipari village you see Asfendiou, a complex of picturesque villages up on the mountain, an environment which is warm, cosy and friendly, as all Greek villages are, anyway. And by all means, don't forget to watch the breathtaking sunset from Zia, where the sun seems to merge into the sea in a feast of colours and senses.


Kardamena Kos Dodecanese Greek Islands Greece

Kardamena is a village located 30 kilometres from Kos town and 5 kilometres from "Hippocrates" International Airport. There are many interesting archaeological treasures to be seen, such as the Temple of Apollo, the early Christian Basilicas and the Ancient Theatre. And since you will be needing some rest after sightseeing, Kardamena also offers beautiful sandy beaches with a variety of water sports and daily boat services to Nisyros, the neighbouring volcanic island that you ought to visit.


Antimachia Kos Dodecanese Greek Islands Greece

Moving on to Antimachia, a village 25 kilometres outside Kos town towards the central part of the island, you will see the Castle of Antimachia, the Windmill and the Traditional House museum, all of great interest. This village, carrying the same name for thirty centuries, also carries on several traditions.


Mastichari Kos Dodecanese Greek Islands Greece

Approximately 3 kilometres northwest of Antimachia lies the village of Mastichari, where one can find some of the most beautiful beaches on Kos. The port is always full of fishermen who provide the local tavernas with fresh fish every day.


Kefalos Kos Dodecanese Greek Islands Greece

On the western edge of the island, 42 kilometres from Kos town, you will find the picturesque village that lies above the bay of Kamari, Kefalos, and below that the islet of Saint Nicholas (Kastri). There are quite a few sites to be seen in Kefalos, such as the Basilica of Saint Stephanos, the monastery of St. John the Theologian, the ruins of Astipalea and the cave, Aspri Petra.