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Heraklion Ferries Crete: Ferry and Ships to Heraklion - Crete Greek Islands Greece

Ships and Ferries to Heraklion Crete Greek Islands Greece

Travel information for Ferries.
Ships and Ferries to Heraklion - Crete Island.

Heraklion and the Crete island in general are connected
to the port of Piraeus. There are evening departures
to the ports of Chania (Souda), Rethymno, Heraklion
and Agios Nikolaos every day, all year long.

In addition, there are ferry connections from Crete
ferry to the Cycladic islands of Ios, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Amorgos, Milos and also to the islands of Kythira, Karpathos, Rhodes, Kos, and basically all Dodecanese and East Aegean Islands via a third island.

Your trip to Crete can be with a conventional ferry boat or Highspeed depending on the day, the time and the ferry company you wish to travel with.

Your trip to Crete, Heraklion will last approximately
8-9 hours and to Chania 7-8 hours, travelling during
the night, whereas the same daily trip lasts 6 and 5
hours respectively. If you decide to visit Rhodes first,
you can reach Heraklion through Sitia's port (Karpathos,
St Nikolaos) and your trip will last approximately 12
hours. From the island of Santorini the trip to Heraklion with a high speed ferry will last no more than 2.30 hours

Ferries from Piraeus to Crete run all year round on a
daily basis. However, during the summer, Easter and holidays in general there is an additional daily route
for you to choose, according to the increased demand.

1. Piraeus - Crete Heraklion
2. Piraeus - Crete Chania
3. Piraeus - Crete Rethymno
4. Piraeus - Crete Agios Nikolaos
5. Piraeus - Paros - Naxos - Santorini
Crete Heraklion
6. Piraeus - Milos - Crete Rethymno
7. Gythion - Kythira - Crete Kissamos
8. Mykonos - Santorini - Crete Heraklion
9. Rhodes - Karpathos - Crete Sitia
Agios Nikolaos

Attention !
The above mentioned information is subject to alteration. To be sure about correct schedules, departure and arrival times of conventional and highspeed ferries check the ONLINE Booking System.

Heraklion Ferries Crete Island

Ships and Ferries to Heraklion in the Crete Island
Travel Information for ferries to Heraklion. Heraklion - Crete Island

ON LINE Booking System for seats and tickets in real time.

Starting your reservation through the online booking system you can select to have your tickets
sent to you or to collect them from the port office on the day of departure about 2 hours
before departure simply by giving your reservation code and showing your ID card.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

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Α multileg reservation allows you
to combine 2 to 4 domestic routes
(routes within Greece) in one reservation,
even if the selected departures are
operated by different ferry companies.

Travel Guide Heraklion Crete Island Greece



Heraklion Crete Greek Islands Greece

The city of Heraklion is located in the centre of the north coast of Crete. The city is the capital of the Prefecture and the capital of the island since 1972. The old town is built within the Venetian walls and the new town extends from them. A bustling and busy city with all the necessities and amusements one would expect to find in a capital.

There are many sights and ancient monuments to be found in and around the city. The Loggia, Heraklion council offices, is considered the most elegant of Venetian monuments, close to the recently renovated Lions Square fountain. The Loggia was awarded first prize in the Europa Nostra Awards of 1987 for being the best renovated and maintained European Monument. The majestic Koule Venetian Fortress is in the harbour area of the town. The imposing walls surrounding the old town reflect the need for protection in olden times. All around the old town are many monuments and buildings that stand as a testament to the various cultures and occupation of its many invaders through the ages.

Heraklion was the centre of the Minoan civilisation and the Archaeological Museum in the city offers a plethora of relics spanning the millennia of the habitation of the island.


Avdou Heraklion Crete Greek Islands Greece

The village of Avdou is located 39 km southeast of Heraklion towards the Lassithi Plateau. In its historical past the men were involved in the many battles against the Ottoman Empire and during WWII. The village is a centre for alternative tourism for lovers of the natural countryside environment. Avdou is also the only parachuting centre on Crete.

Agii Deka

Agii Deka Heraklion Crete

The village of Agii Deka (Ten Saints) is on the Messara plain close to the ancient city of Gortyna; it is named after the ten Cretan Christians who were executed by the Roman Emperor, Dekios, in 250 AD. A small Byzantium church was built on the location where their remains were found. The village also has the small Gortyna Museum exhibiting local discoveries.

Agios Myron

Agios Myron Heraklion Crete Greek Islands Greece

The village of Agios Myronas is built around ancient Ravko, which flourished during Minoan times about 1200 BC. Ravko was a strong city like Knossos and Gortyna. It was destroyed in 166 BC during the civil war between Gortyna and Knossos.

It is named after the sainted Myronas, Bishop of Knossos, who was born here and was witness to the persecutions by the Roman Emperor Dekios. The Byzantium church of the village is dedicated to St Myronas as is the small Skiti cave that has a therapeutic ‘holy water’ spring.

Agios Myronas is also renowned for the maleviziotiko wine produced here.


Arhanes Heraklion Crete Greek Islands Greece

The picturesque town of Arhanes is built on the slopes of a hill 15km from Heraklion. The pretty town has cobbled roads and paths and the neoclassical buildings have been lovingly restored and painted in earthy colours with many traditional Kafenions.

In and around the town are the ruins of a Minoan villa, the ancient cemetery of Fourni, fine Byzantium churches, The Farming Museum and the Natural History Museum of the Gouhta Ecological Archaeological Park.


Matala Heraklion Crete Greek Islands Greece

Matala is a small sandy cove on the south coast with caves in the rocks overlooking the bay. The caves were very popular with the Hippies who came and lived in them. The caves that are carved in the rocks were tombs in Roman times and are now under the protection of the Archaeological Service.


Malia Heraklion Crete Greek Islands Greece

The seaside resort is a very popular destination for holidaymakers and is 34 km east of Heraklion. The resort has long sandy beaches that are organised and offer all types of sea sports and activities.

Just 3 km from the town is the archaeological site of the Minoan Palace of Malia.


Hersonissos Heraklion Crete Greek Islands Greece

The seaside resort of Hersonissos is located 27 km east of Heraklion making it a popular destination for holidaymakers and conference delegates as there are many quality hotel complexes in the area. The village has many historical monuments as well as a lively nightlife offering entertainments to suit all tastes.