Pets on Board rules and regulations travelling from Italy to Greece and vv.

Pets on Board
Rules and regulations that apply to us and our “furry friends” when travelling by ferry to Greece.

Greek Ferries Pets on Board

Dear Pet Owners,

When travelling with
your pet/s, there are
rules and regulations
which must be followed
by the pet owners and
ferry companies alike.

Regarding Greece and
Greek Law, ferry
companies flying the
Greek flag come under
PD 101/1973, 61 FEK 31/03/95 which states:

1) Passenger ships
over 25 meters in length
must provide specially-
designed areas for pets travelling with their
owners. These areas
must have 1 animal cage
for every 200 passengers.

2) Disabled passengers, accompanied by specially- trained pets, must have
the appropriate, valid paperwork/certificate
which permits the animal
to remain with the owner throughout the ship.