Brindisi ferries

Ferry connections from Brindisi
Port to the Greek harbours.

Daily boats and ferry departures
to Igoumenitsa port in Greece,
to the port of Patras, Corfu etc.

The main ship companies sailing
daily from Brindisi are:

Grimaldi Lines - Grimaldi Ferries
Agoudimos Lines - Agoudimos Ferries
Ventouris Lines - Ventouris Ferries

The ferry departures from Brindisi
Port are daily from 11.00 - 23.00
according to the ship co.

Embarkation time usually starts
2 hours before the boat departure.

Not all ferries sailing from Brindisi
offer camping on board facilities.

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on the right to find their prices,
schedules, seasonalities and offers.

Brindisi Ferries
Brindisi Ferry schedules to Greece - Greece Ferries

Brindisi Ferries - Ferry Schedules - Brindisi Port Kefalonia Port Patras Port Igoumenitsa Port Corfu Port Brindisi Port

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