Ferry tickets Italy - Greece. Ferries from Italy to Greece. Routes, Departures, Prices and Availability. Booking ON LINE.

Ferry tickets Italy - Greece

Ferries from Italy to Greece

Routes, Departures, Prices and Availability

Daily Departures
(all year round)
Ferry Boats and
High Speed Ferries.

From the Italian ports of,
Brindisi and,
Durres, Albania.

To the Greek ports of

Ferry Boats Italy - Greece

Ferry Boats Italy - Greece

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Ferry Route Ferry companies that operate the route
Ancona - Patra Anek-Superfast Minoan Lines
Ancona - Igoumenitsa Anek-Superfast Minoan Lines
Bari - Patra Anek-Superfast
Bari - Igoumenitsa Anek-Superfast Ventouris Lines Agoudimos Lines
Bari - Corfu Ventouris Ferries Agoudimos Lines
Bari - Durres Ventouris Ferries European Seaways
Bari - Zante Ventouris Ferries Agoudimos Lines
Bari - Kefalonia Ventouris Ferries Agoudimos Lines
Brindisi - Patra Grimaldi Lines
Brindisi - Igoumenitsa Grimaldi Lines
Brindisi - Corfu Grimaldi Lines
Venice - Patras Anek-Superfast Minoan Lines Grimaldi Euromed
Venice - Igoumenitsa Anek-Superfast Minoan Lines Grimaldi Euromed

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